Monday, September 29, 2008


All men by nature desire knowledge.-- Aristotle

When I saw this little desk in the middle of toys I thought of how we are taught routines in school and possibly lose some of our ability to easily adapt, then we have to go out and get our street smarts little by little. How important those street smarts are.

Not long ago I heard that learning something new helps keep your brain from aging quickly, and can actually be part of that fountain of youth we are all eating our greens for. It doesn't work at all if you know a lot about US Presidents, and think "Hey, I'll learn something new--I'll study all of the first ladies." that would do nothing to make your brain wake up and be sharper. Or if you play piano and decide to take up the tuba. It has to be an area you've displayed no interest in, something to challenge your brain. I haven't decided what to choose yet, but I'm going to spend this winter learning some new things. I need all the help I can get. I don't know a thing about a whole lot of subjects, so I have a lot of choices. Maybe I'll finally learn the metric system.


tut-tut said...

I'm going to learn French; I really am.

Coffee Messiah said...

You never stop learning, even if you think you do.

Great quote too.

And you know more than you let on!
; )

tony said...

once youve learned the metric system you could become our new ruler?

Colette Amelia said...

Metric System! They changed us over when I was in grade eight I think and 35 years later I am still struggling. I guess it would have been easier to learn if I could just unlearn all other measurement for then I wouldn't have to try to convert it to figure out just how much a kilogram or a metre is or how hot is celcius.

alicesg said...

I am learning everyday even the new handphone I had to learn how to use from my

Jules said...

I so agree. When I turned 50 i learned to blog, scuba dive and got a new advisory job and wrote a book.

tut-tut French is my next goal.

I reckon I'll live to be 100 at this rate.