Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Toast, Coffee, & the Sunday Papers

Home. No matter where I am there are certain things I bring along. My toast, coffee, and the Sunday papers. Sometimes in a remote locale, you may end up reading a Sunday paper from a month of Sundays ago, but that's Okay, as long as the bread and coffee are fresh enough and and hot enough.

Home. With a rural home comes big responsibilities. You want to keep the trees healthy, you need to walk your land often. People will come onto your land and dump old mattresses, appliances, and occasionally an old car. You need to have the patience and the ability to remove the trash that people will dump. You need to keep the woods clean and the wildflowers growing.


Kurt said...

This is the life I would have if I wasn't born into the lower classes.

Coffee Messiah said...

Hey Kurt, you're not alone!