Monday, June 9, 2008

Thriving While Dying

I've been watching this tree for a few years now, as half of its top branches have shown no life at all. The bugs and woodpeckers have moved in en masse,and started eating it away. Last summer the tree seemed to give up, and produced no leaves at all. We felt bad, assumed it was a goner, and started talking about taking the top off of it, or total removal, since it's close to the road and an outbuilding. This spring the tree sprouted leaves on half its branches and is trying to look as though it's thriving. Getting energy from its roots after a year of rest I suppose. Meanwhile I look at the intense damage the bugs have done to the lower trunk and to the upper branches. There is no way the tree can be saved, but it's decided to live its last seasons to the fullest I guess. Mighty Oak to the end.

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cbb said...

Bob, if it ever happens that you need to cut your courageous tree down, I posted the wonderful video below on my blog last year and watched it a hundred times. It is the deepest consolation for what seems like a little tragedy of its own - the death of a tree.

Here's the link:


Coffee Messiah said...

There's a cycle of rebirth and renewal in everything.

Sometimes, we simply don't or aren't able to see and appreciate it.

Bob Dylan said...

Yesterday, after I posted this, I heard a very ill woman on the teevee say "I'm not gonna let death ruin my life!" Apparently she's going to be on Oprah today with other people who are thriving while dying.

Bob Dylan said...

Thanks, C. that was a really nice video.