Thursday, July 24, 2008

Approaching a Friend's Door

I feel joy when I approach my dear friend's door. This house belonged to her grannie, and she grew up here. We don't need to talk much, just catch up on grandkids and family news, then lapse into comfortable, companionable silence. Approaching her door fills me with a quiet, deep happiness, just knowing she is on the other side.


Coffee Messiah said...

A great sentiment.

Not many in our family left for this experience.

But the memories of driving to their houses and running and waiting for the door to open never slips away.

cbb said...

These are the first words I have read today. They give me great peace. "Stillness speaks" through you, Bob D. - thank you.

Catlin said...

That looks soooo cozy!

It's good to have a friend with whom you can sit down and just shut up, and enjoy the moment.

It's rare, I think.

tony said...

The Door is Open:This Is A Good Sign.